About YMCA Fit

Established back in 1984, YMCAfit provides a wide variety of fitness and wellbeing services. The YMCA is well known as the oldest youth charity in the entire world, and its mission has always been to bring out the best in young people and to help them to fulfil their dreams. YMCAfit extends this mission, giving it a specific focus on fitness. We provide courses, teacher training and apprenticeships to anyone and everyone who would like a career in fitness. In short, your career in fitness starts here.

Not just for young people, but for fitness lovers of all ages and abilities, YMCAfit is a charity founded on the principle that everyone in any community should be able to enjoy physical activity. At YMCAfit, we have won numerous awards for our work, including an Adult Learning Award in 2008 and 1992 The National Training Award for Standard and Excellence. These awards recognised the emphasis that we place on providing superb training to BAME students and members of deprived or disadvantaged communities. Whenever you use YMCAfit’s services, you can always count on our staff to put your comfort and your needs at the heart of all that they do. Excellent customer service, high-quality teacher training and making a real difference within communities are central to our mission.

One of the key courses that we provide at YMCAfit is a personal trainer course. If you would like to set yourself up as a personal trainer, then a qualification from YMCAfit will demonstrate to clients and potential employers that you have what it takes to deliver a superb service. We also provide brilliant courses for candidates who would like to become yoga teachers, Pilates instructors, swimming teachers, and sports massage practitioners, to name but a few. The range of courses on offer at YMCAfit is wonderfully broad and comprehensive, so no matter what type of fitness-related career you would like to have, we will be able to help you. From teaching older people to work with kettlebells to looking after athletes’ mental health, everything is catered for here.

One of the most popular courses provided at YMCAfit involves training to be a Stott Pilates instructor. This contemporary brand of Pilates was developed to preserve the natural curvature of the spine (whilst traditional Pilates requires a straight spine for most exercises). Trademarked and tightly controlled, Stott Pilates requires its instructors to possess specific accreditations, and you can achieve accreditation of a very high standard thanks to the teaching provided at YMCAfit.

In order to be the very best fitness instructor, masseuse or sports psychologist, you need to be taught by an expert in the relevant field. At YMCAfit we ensure that we only provide the very best instructors for your courses. Combining both theoretical and practical elements, a course at YMCAfit will always give you an excellent grounding for whatever it is that you would like to do. Whether you are just starting out with your learning, or whether you want to refresh your knowledge of your field of expertise with a short course, we will ensure that you are in safe hands every step of the way.

Some people choose to spend 12 hours a day developing their fitness career, whilst others simply want to work as a personal trainer in their spare time, alongside another part time job. We recognise that different people have different schedules, and so we have made sure that we provide a range of courses to suit the individual learner.

Another popular service provided by YMCAfit is our excellent range of apprenticeships. Our apprenticeships are government funded and they are the perfect way to launch your career in the world of fitness. An apprenticeship with us enables you to work with a top employer and to gain vital experience within the industry. Our partners include ITC, Power Plate, and Pure Energy to name but a few. So many of our alumni state that their apprenticeship helped to speed them on the way to success!

Interested in starting a course with YMCAfit? We run regular open evenings, which are totally free to attend. Heading down to one of these open evenings is an excellent opportunity to ask questions about courses, to meet some of our instructors, and also to find out more about the types of courses that are available at YMCAfit.