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About Train Fitness

Studying to be a personal trainer is the gateway to a rewarding career in fitness. As more and more people recognise the importance of exercise in maintaining good health, so the demand for personal trainers and fitness instructors grows. It is vital that training for these professionals is of the highest standards, so that the health and safety of their clients is protected. TrainFitness’s qualifications are built around this principle, ensuring that all students enter the workforce with a thorough understanding of how to help their clients safely improve their fitness.

TrainFitness was the first company to offer a fitness qualification online, recognising that this flexible method of learning is more suited to the modern lifestyle. Students can opt for a part-time course that they can fit around their other commitments, allowing them to train as a fitness instructor or personal trainer without having to give up work. There’s also a full-time option for those who prefer to qualify at a faster rate.

Modular Training

The idea of modular training courses for fitness professionals originated with TrainFitness’s parent company in Australia. Arriving in the UK in 1998, this new approach developed into TrainFitness. Throughout their history, both parent company and the UK version have placed considerable emphasis on maintaining professional standards and gaining official recognition for their courses by awarding bodies.

Almost 20 years later, TrainFitness continues to pursue the highest standards in tuition and fitness, while enabling students to acquire a recognised and meaningful qualification. As technology evolves and improves, so does the way in which the company teaches its learners. This enables the company to sustain its high standards and make the learning experience as enjoyable and efficient as possible.

With a wide range of courses on offer at different levels, students can take their first steps into a fitness career or enhance their existing skills by adding new modules. You can even train as a tutor yourself. Having a number of skills will increase your options and potential, so you can add new skills whenever you choose. There are also niches such as working with disabled clients or exercising to music, which could be of interest to anyone who wishes to specialise.

A Flexible Way to Study

In today’s world, learners no longer need to be confined to a few narrow options when it comes to studying their dream course. Thanks to its early adoption of internet-based study, TrainFitness has for many years been able to offer a completely flexible way of learning that suits the modern lifestyle. If students prefer to take a personal training course in a physical location, however, we do offer training locations around the country.

Prices and Payment Options

Prices for our online courses are competitive, and will quickly pay for themselves in the career options and increased earning potential they offer. However, as we are aware that students may not have sufficient disposable income to pay for a course upfront, we do offer a number of flexible payment options to ensure that no-one is unable to participate because of limited finances. For example, they can take advantage of a 0% finance deal.

If you are able to pay in full at the beginning of your course, you will benefit from a substantial discount. We also offer a price match promise should you find an identical course on offer elsewhere at a lower rate and have paid in full at the start of your course. This price promise means that students can be confident they are receiving the best possible training at a competitive price.

Our Mission and Commitment to You

But in order to offer such high-quality training to our students, we need to have a top team working with us – not just teaching students, but behind the scenes as well. Many of our staff have taken courses with us themselves, allowing them an insight into training that they can use to benefit you. Even those members of staff who work in the non-fitness side of the company have an interest in health and fitness. Our team don’t just talk the talk, they are genuinely committed to encouraging a healthy way of life.

At TrainFitness, we don’t show you the door once you’ve completed your course. You’ll benefit from support and advice whenever you need it. Whether you need advice in setting up your own personal training business, or want to know about job opportunities, you only need to ask. And if you have any questions about the courses before you sign up, we’re available to answer them.

All courses are accredited by trustworthy bodies like the YMCA Awards and the Institute for Leadership and Management. Many courses also boast international recognition, meaning that you’ll have worldwide opportunities to work in the fitness industry.

So there’s no need for location or work commitments to get in your way of studying to be a fitness professional. You can also add to your skills any time you like. Flexible learning is accessible and enjoyable. Previous students attest to the friendliness and excellence of our tutors, which is very important if you’re going to achieve your potential. They also love the courses and are impressed with how much they’ve learned. So just get in touch and we’ll answer any questions. Your new career awaits!

Get Your PT Course Funded by Government

As for now, if you are 19 or over, the Government may help you funding your personal trainer course. Check if you are eligible, it takes less than 10 seconds.


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