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About PT Academy

Thanks to its brave, innovative, individually tailored and competitively priced course offerings, the Personal Training Academy is the fastest-growing fitness education company in the UK today. We owe our success to a number of factors, but at the core of our business is the drive to provide high-quality, practice-oriented personal trainer education administered by active fitness professionals at an unbeatable price. The PT Academy understands your learning needs and matches them to the right instructor, so that you can progress and realise your full potential as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The PT Academy’s speciality lies in innovative and highly effective fitness and personal training courses, which we now administer throughout the UK. Thanks to our remarkable growth, there is bound to be an assessment centre in your vicinity. No need to travel far and wide to get the best training – just look around the corner! For the rare occasions where distance learning is preferable, we have that covered as well, thanks to our state-of-the-art education centres across the country. Our e-learning platform offers live and recorded webinars and instructional materials which are every bit as realistic and impactful as face-to-face teaching.

‘Pioneer’ is not a word we use lightly, but the PT Academy’s growing list of firsts speaks for itself. We are the first fitness education company in the UK to offer a one-on-one teaching method for optimum results. We are the only fitness educator to rely exclusively on active personal trainers who bring real-world insights into the classroom and apply them side by side with you at the gym. We break the cost barrier by offering you a price-match guarantee, which we top up with the promise that we will beat any competitor’s final-price quote by at least 10 percent. To guarantee that your hard work and efforts pay off, the PT Academy also offers you unlimited examination resits for a lifetime. We innovate and grow with our learners’ satisfaction and success in mind.

Because we value the power of real-life experience, the PT Academy has partnered up with Pure Gym, a fitness company which operates 170 locations across the UK and touts a membership of over 840,000 people. Thanks to this exclusive collaboration, our students can practice the craft of personal training and fitness instruction in a realistic environment across the land.

The PT Academy would not be where it is without its outstanding faculty. We are proud to be the first fitness education company to recruit top-notch practising personal trainers who mentor and evaluate our students. There is no substitute for experience, and our teachers live and breathe the craft as they pass it on to you.

Our faculty of active personal trainers will not simply lecture you. On top of providing you with the theory, they will guide you through applying the knowledge you have gained. They will also set you up for success by assisting you with client acquisition. Our staff will also work with you on honing the business skills and acumen which you need in order to make a strong entry into the job market and build yourself up to a successful personal trainer in your own right.

All qualifications from the PT Academy are recognised nation-wide. Our courses are accredited through OFQUAL-regulated awarding organisations as well as by the Register of Exercise Professionals, the Register of Fitness Professionals, and health clubs and other potential employers across the UK. Our courses have been developed with utmost care and professional insight in order to put you in the best possible position to launch your career as a personal trainer or fitness instructor. They can also be a great asset in your continuing professional development.

The PT Academy is proud of its outstanding graduates: their success is our success. Upon the successful completion of your training, we can guarantee you an interview at a high-earning, exclusive health club in order to kickstart your career. We also offer you targeted CV and interview preparation in order to maximise your chances of success and make sure you land nothing less than your dream job.

Let’s talk about money: The Personal Training Academy is not only the fastest-growing fitness education company in the UK, it is also the most competitively priced one on the market! We achieve this by putting your interests in focus: You pay for top-notch education, and we forget about the administrative fees which inflate the competition’s prices.

We at the PT Academy focus on offering you affordable and flexible payment options without hidden fees, small print, or interest charges. Indeed, if you choose to finance your personal training education in instalments, we will charge you an interest rate of 0 percent and not a penny more. We are confident in your success and see no need in burdening you unnecessarily in this crucial time of growth and opportunity.

In sum, the Personal Training Academy is here to make you one of the best fitness education professionals in the UK at a competitive price and with the highest-quality of instruction. We have made it our mission to spread knowledge, skill, and success in the industry, and we invite you to join us on our quest!

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Get Your PT Course Funded by Government

As for now, if you are 19 or over, the Government may help you funding your personal trainer course. Check if you are eligible, it takes less than 10 seconds.