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About Premier Global

Since 1992, Premier Training International, part of Premier Global, has been providing leading health and fitness training to a wide range of students who share a desire to become involved in the health and fitness industry. Due to our extensive experience, well-designed courses and the determination to be second to none in the industry, we have established a first-class reputation for ourselves as providers of high-quality fitness training and education.Our core values – passion, innovation, quality and responsibility – have been instrumental in ensuring our success: our passion drives us to be the best training provider we can be, and to achieve this goal, we use innovation and creative thinking to provide outstanding quality learning, while displaying integrity and responsibility to each and every student, so they are always treated with honesty and respect.

Our commitment to our core values helps us fulfil our mission: “To raise standards throughout the health and fitness industry through inspirational education and career pathway support”.

Our courses have been designed in collaboration with leading sports scientists and industry experts, so you can be assured the programs and training regimens deliver all you need to acquire the appropriate knowledge, skills and confidence to perform competently in your chosen career.

Upon completing the courses, you will receive Active IQ-accredited qualifications which are recognised by the Register of Exercise Professionals (REP) as well as prospective UK employers. Employment opportunities may also exist overseas because certain countries, such as Australia, recognise REP qualifications. Furthermore, due to the strength of our reputation within the industry, graduates of Premier Training International are well-regarded by leading employers. As a result of this, when you finish your training with us, you will not only be well-prepared to embark on your new career, but there will be plenty of career opportunities for you, both in the UK and overseas.

We welcome all students, regardless of their background or experience in the health and fitness industry. Whether you are a recent school leaver, someone looking for a career change or you currently work in the industry but are seeking to develop your career further, we are happy to help. As a company, we take pleasure in helping a wide range of individuals realise their dreams of working in this industry. At present, we train over 2000 students per year and help them to secure jobs in the health and fitness sector.

At Premier Training International, we understand the need to have a degree of flexibility in our courses to suit different lifestyles, so we offer full-time and part-time options for many of our courses. We also try to accommodate individual styles of learning by using a variety of teaching methodologies – including face-to-face instruction, podcasts, webinars and video lectures.

Whether you are interested in our entry level course to become a fitness instructor in a gym, or our most popular course – to become a Personal Trainer – there are full-time and part-time options available that take place at one of over 40 venues in the UK, with both options supported by online study.

Once you have successfully completed your course, we offer 12 months of support to help you start your new career. Such support includes career advisers, and a specialist recruitment consultant to help you find available jobs and secure interviews with prospective employers.

We also offer continual professional development (CPD) courses, such as nutrition, group exercise and massage, to broaden your knowledge and skill base throughout your career. Indeed, you need to undertake such courses to remain a member of the REP while you work in this industry. There is some flexibility within the CPD course formats, with some being offered part-time and full-time, while other courses can be taken online. By providing CPD courses, it helps us strive towards our vision: “To provide a lifelong journey of opportunity for health and fitness professionals through the delivery of trusted, respected and inspirational training and support”.

All of the staff at Premier Training International are committed to our values and mission statement. We have highly skilled lecturers and tutors, many of whom have a background in sports science. Using their expertise, their focus is to teach you the skills and knowledge you need to become a highly effective Personal Trainer. You will learn all about the workings of the human body, components of fitness, and first aid as well as more diverse topics, such as sales and business skills, and motivation techniques. Importantly, our team is also friendly and approachable, making your learning journey as stress-free and enjoyable as it can be. If you take a glance at our testimonial page, it will highlight the effectiveness with which our tutors and lecturers work, as well as show the support and encouragement they provide to each and every student enrolled with us.

We also offer flexible payment options for many of our courses, so you can pay by interest-free instalments, making the popular Personal Trainer course accessible to as many people as possible. For some individuals, funding assistance may also be available.

We are proud to be able to deliver such high-quality health and fitness training to our customers year after year and to help so many people start a career in an industry that we enjoy being part of. If you have aspirations to become a Personal Trainer, we would be happy to hear from you, and if you book a Personal Trainer diploma course with us in January, you can take advantage of our special offer: you will receive a free iPad mini and a consultation with a master tutor to help define your goals.

Get Your PT Course Funded by Government

As for now, if you are 19 or over, the Government may help you funding your personal trainer course. Check if you are eligible, it takes less than 10 seconds.