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About Origym

Origym Centre of Excellence is a recognised course provider who specialises in educating students in the ability to successfully acquire personal training qualifications. We also offer a variety of CPD (Continuous Professional Development) courses that enable a student to gain better practical and theoretical knowledge. The CPD courses will help our students advance as a professional within the global fitness industry.

Origym was founded on the principle of developing the next generation of personal trainers. We do not just want the students to meet the minimal pre-requisites that are required for a personal trainer to succeed, no, we want them to go beyond that. We facilitate this development by offering the correct support and resources through the duration of their professional fitness careers. Once you have enrolled with Origym you are part of our extensive family.

The current personal trainer market is convoluted and we understand that students can be overwhelmed with the pleura of options that are on offer. In reference to this we adapted our principles to support the student rather and not just the industry. To do this we have developed courses that take advantage of innovative learning methods. These innovative learning methods help our students extended their development both inside and outside of the classroom. Our resources provide our students with the correct theoretical and practical knowledge that is needed to succeed as a personal trainer.

At Origym we have a habit of going the extra step. We quickly released that most students were denied the possibility of attending our in house sessions. To remedy this we offered online fitness courses to our students. These online fitness courses provide students with the same amount of support and resources than an on-site student would receive. Students are able to engage with our creative courses through our equally creative e-learning platform. Our e-learning platform provides students with a catalogue of webinars and manuals that will ensure their success as well as enjoyment.

This substantial amount of resources is beneficial to any aspiring personal trainer but at Origym we pride ourselves on the quality of our resources. We don’t just ensure that you pass your fitness course, we ensure that you have the practical skills to succeed in the fitness industry. We also want you to excel by facilitating advancement within the current fitness industry. It is the students who become professionals and then become the innovators. We are just the bridge between and we want to make sure you have a prosperous passage.


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