About Future Fit Training

Founded in 1993, Future Fit Training can be described as the ideal place to create exceptional fitness professionals who eventually become highly sought after training experts in the society and we take a lot of pride in that. Our graduates are seen as the best in the industry because they have been well equipped with all the necessary skills, qualification and professional conduct that will be expected of a personal trainer. All of our courses are compatible with Windows OS and also all except Advanced Resistance Training are compatible with Apple, macs and iPads platforms. However, as from 29 February 2017, all our courses including Advanced Resistance training will be fully compatible with Windows, macs and iPads platforms.

At Future fit, our aim is to provide top notch training services and great learning experiences so as to exceed customer expectations and we are constantly looking to improve our services.  We provide our fitness professionals with the skills and knowledge they need so that they can become the best in their field. Our emphasis on quality is non-negotiable and it serves as the focal point of our organisation’s activities. For us, this means providing training and assessment that is right for the student and the industry. For the past 23 years, we have stayed true to this ideal and have remained motivated to creating high calibre, well-trained fitness professionals.

With our over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry and being the first and only health and fitness training provider to achieve BSI ISO 9001 Quality Management accreditation, we are extremely proud of this recognition which is also a testament to our  tireless dedication to producing first class fitness professionals that are taking the industry to greater heights.

At future fit, we basically have three Schools designed to deliver the best possible expertise in their several disciplines to our students. Our learning environments are very conducive and fully equipped with all the right tools and resources that will enable us to deliver the top quality service we are always looking to provide. This eventually results is highly trained, industry ready professionals who have been exposed to the best fitness training curriculum and learning environment.

Our institution is registered by the British Standards Institute and our business strategy is centred on continuous improvement of our schools as citadels of excellence. This way we are able to offer excellent tuition to our learners and, in turn, their employers and clients.  Our training modules award you with the necessary REPs CPD credits and all our courses are fully REPs approved and the qualification you’ll receive at the end of your course will be awarded by either City & Guilds or VTCT. City and Guilds qualifications are recognised the world over and students with EREPs recognition can also work abroad.

Our experience in the education and advancement of health & fitness industry spans over two decades and we are continuously developing our curriculum to meet the highest standards. We have a wide range of Diplomas courses and an in-depth selection of CPD (continuing professional development courses) that you can choose from.

Some of our specialist CIMSPA CPD fitness courses include:

  • Advanced resistance training,
  • Behaviour change coaching
  • Build your fitness Business
  • childhood nutrition and obesity prevention
  • Circuit training Instructor and so many more.

You can also study for a professional Diploma in any of our three dedicated schools of Personal Training, Nutrition or Pilates

Our range of highly recognised diplomas includes:

  1. Personal Training – Gym Instructor

Complete personal Trainer

  1. Nutrition – Diploma in Weight Loss Management

Advanced Diploma in Nutrition and Weight Management

  1. Pilates – Diploma in Mat Pilates,

Specialist Diploma in Matt Pilates e.t.c.

Our School of PT experts has also developed a unique educational learning platform called the Pro Zone. This platform ensures that fitness professionals have continued and affordable access to CPD and continuous education through a private Facebook group with accredited webinars. A Pro Zone membership grants you unlimited access to the group and all of its content every day of the year, an incredible educational plan including one accredited webinar per month, and one industry partner webinar per month.

At Future fit, our payment options are very flexible and convenient and our training format allows you to train at your own pace and in your own time. Our training team is always on ground to provide you unlimited support throughout the duration of your course and we have very experienced and highly qualified Tutors that makes learning so much fun.  Basically what we mean is that you can adjust our training to suit your schedule depending on how much time you have, the more time available to you, the quicker you can complete your course/diploma. On the other hand, if your schedule is very tight, we will provide you all the necessary support that you need to take it one step at a time.

All of our diplomas and courses can be paid for in a variety of affordable ways. We make it easy and affordable for you to achieve your dream career without compromising on the quality of your learning experience or even more importantly, your future career. You can choose to spread the cost of your programme into monthly instalments and we also offer alternative ways to fund your training programme like through OMNI, deposit payments, Pay as you learn e.t.c. This way, you get to enjoy all the benefits of top class training programmes without worrying too much about its financial implications. We also accept ELCAS for Armed Forces personnel

Our extensive Technical Support Teams are always available either physically, by phone or by email to answer any of your questions. Explore Future fit professional training institute today and gain access to our materials, documents and support learning programmes.