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About European PTI

The European Personal Training Institute (EPTI) was founded by Toby & Dan Clay in 2014, who both have successful fit-pro businesses since 2000 and 2003 respectively, to address the declining standards of fitness education in the UK. We noticed that training providers were beginning to follow the model of the USA market and offer shorter practical courses with less face to face time and practical experience, using freelance tutors in order to compete on price rather than a quality of service.
Having decided that the REPS/ICREPS accreditation was beneficial for graduates wishing to travel and use their qualifications internationally, we decided to offer courses accredited by ICREPS but position ourselves outside of the UK to prevent ourselves from getting dragged into a low price/ low quality driven service.

As a result, we decided to offer blended learning courses with intensive residential practical courses outside of the UK. In addition to providing the REPS accredited curriculum, we have taken our courses further by providing more tools and skills to enable graduates to establish successful PT businesses. The residential practical courses are held in southern Spain to take advantage of the sunny Mediterranean climate and we are able to offer extensive outdoor and boot camp PT Instructor training.

As well as keeping up with these PT trainer industry trends, EPTI also provides Business Supremacy and Online PT Business training, post-graduation, the content of which is unique and not being taught anywhere else in the world on any PT course. Advanced & Master PT Diploma graduates benefit from receiving free enrolment onto this course to help not just with serving up a PT business, but also on how to create a dominant position online too.
Therefore EPTI PT Diploma courses are well suited to individuals who have ideas greater than just personal training, we are looking to attract students that have plans and the individual capabilities and characteristics to become a fitness leader or fitness empire builder.
Another characteristic of the EPTI PT practical courses are that only small numbers of between 10-12 students are enrolled on any one course with a high tutor to student ratio with our dedicated team of tutors, to enable maximum learning. All tutors run their own successful PT companies when not engaged in teaching practical courses.

Our qualifications are awarded by Active IQ in the UK and the format of our courses is split between online theory learning provided by Active IQ with coursework assignments, followed by the two-week residential practical course in Spain. There are a number of different PT Diploma options that students can choose to enrol on, which include various additional CPD courses to meet their career objectives. More information about these courses can be found on our courses page. We provide the option of paying for the courses over four monthly payments.

We believe that our students benefit from a learning experience unrivalled in the UK. Our student testimonials bear witness to a level of service that exceeds their level of expectation. Prompt and detailed support during the online part of the course through Skype, email and telephone; partnered with excellent face to face teaching and coaching on the practical course. We offer the chance for students to partake in PT clinics with members of the public during the practical course, to gain the experience and confidence that only a “live” PT delivery session with strangers, can provide.

We also place a significant importance on outdoor and boot camp training and techniques to use when delivering these types of workouts, including certifications to instruct and utilise TRX and kettlebells. This all takes place in a fantastic year round climate in world class outdoor training environments, including unspoiled local beaches and the high-quality campus sports stadium.

Our accommodation is located only 5 minutes from the training campus and 400m from the beach. Residing away from home, students benefit from being away from the stresses and worries of their day-to-day lives and the absence of a stressful commute allows them to concentrate on their learning during these two weeks. Each student is guaranteed their own bedroom in the luxury apartments and is located in the same apartment complex together, students benefit from a focused learning atmosphere and an environment outside of timetabled hours too.

Finally, the unrivaled PT business supremacy training course is worthy of the course price on its own. Built up over years of trial and error and investment of thousands of pounds in our own careers by attending international business and online media marketing courses, the information provided here is tried and tested and possibly the most important part of our course in terms of long-term financial benefit to the student.
We are not the cheapest training provider, but we believe strongly that an investment in yourself and your own future career should not be influenced on price alone!


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