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***Discovery Learning no longer provides personal trainer courses***

About Discovery Learning

For over 12 years, Discovery Learning has been providing outstanding training and opportunities to a wide range of people who have gone on to become successful professionals within the fitness industry. Our success is based on customer focus and the ability to understand the individual needs of a person’s learning journey.

Our mission statement is simple: To provide better training and education to fitness professionals. Our aim is to simply provide the very best high-quality professional fitness courses on the market. We help people from all walks of life to become fitness instructors, personal trainers, nutrition advisors, and experts in weight management, in addition to other potential career opportunities. There are also courses available for those who aim to work with children in a health and fitness capacity.

To date, in excess of 11000 clients – some of whom are well known, such as James Crossley, of Gladiators fame – have graduated from our impressive range of diverse courses, a range that is unparalleled in the UK. As one of the largest providers of fitness training, our customers have discovered that quality doesn’t have to be compromised by utilising strict regimes of bundled learning. In fact, our policy of aiding you to create your ideal course is a far more personal, and decidedly better, method of learning, not to mention being notably cost effective.

As a training provider with a great reputation, we are proud to hold the status of a centre of excellence for the National Skills Academy for Health and Fitness, a title we have held since 2010. Those looking for assurances of receiving high-quality tuition need look no further than Discovery Learning’s recognition within this field. Every month, we educate approximately 200 clients who subsequently obtain a career as a personal trainer. Our record of successful graduations is proof of our commitment to quality of the learning experience – an exam-pass-rate of 98.7% speaks for itself!

The courses on offer are independently accredited, and we use the leading award bodies – YMCA Awards and Active IQ (AIQ) – ensuring that all certification is Internationally recognised. Nationally, successful completion of our courses lead to official QCF qualification, or certification by the sector skills council for health and fitness for England and Wales (SkillsActive). Furthermore, our courses are officially recognised by the Register of Exercise Professionals, allowing graduates the opportunity to join the UK register.

Gym instructor and personal trainer courses have proved to be our most popular options. However, we have over 30 further courses providing training in disciplines such as pilates, children’s exercise, sports massage, nutrition, and martial arts, to name but a few. These are available at levels 2,3,4 and CPD, so whatever career you’re keen to achieve expertise and qualification in, the options are wide-ranging and varied.

Courses are, of course, tailored to meet the diverse requirements of our customers. To this end, one can participate in an intensive full-time scheme, or for those with less time on their hands, flexible part-time options are available. In addition to home study and tutored education, we also provide online courses. In fact, Discovery Learning were the first UK company to provide online learning to prospective personal trainers. To make things easier for our customers, we offer a range of finance options and various methods of flexible payment terms, so the best possible training is within easy reach for those who are considering a career in health and fitness.

In terms of geography, Discovery Learning operates centres and academies nationwide. In addition to our three London academies, we have venues in Manchester, Cardiff, Birmingham, and Bournemouth, providing an even span of training opportunities from North to South. Internationally, we also provide courses in India. Customer focus at all of our centres is a priority; our staff are highly trained professionals who offer a warm welcome, expert advice, as well as the know-how and motivation to help every single learner succeed.

All of our staff, from administration to tutors, are dedicated to the customer and are happy to provide a stress-free experience, alongside friendly advice to clients at all levels. From initial registration through to completion of the learning journey, we offer a friendly ear, alongside fantastic support and industry experience. Support doesn’t just end after the graduation of our courses. We are happy to offer career advice, assistance in finding appropriate employment, and regular updates to keep you in the fitness loop. Our newsletters and online student zone will help you to maintain your knowledge of the latest and cutting-edge developments to ensure you always remain a leader within your chosen field.

We believe that the services we provide are of the highest quality. From our inspirational and fully qualified tutors to our dedicated customer care teams, as a company, we strive to deliver a complete experience that is unsurpassed in terms of satisfaction and potential. Recognised qualifications and certification, provided with expert tuition, and committed support and advice, are the absolute foundations of a successful course of education in any given field. Discovery Learning can help you achieve your goals within the fitness industry. With affordable prices and flexible payment options, whatever you aim to achieve is well within your grasp.

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