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Becoming a personal trainer is something that many dedicated fitness enthusiasts would like to do, but because of existing commitments feel that they don’t have the necessary time to study. After all, many of them already have a full-time job, perhaps with family commitments as well. If you’ve been put off studying to become a personal trainer because you don’t have a lot of spare time, then you’re in luck – our flexible personal trainer course can be tailored to meet your availability. You can choose from part-time or full-time attendance and even study online if you can’t attend the course in person. It’s the perfect way to combine study with all the other demands on your time and obtain the personal trainer diploma that you want.

Why Study Online?

Studying online is not only the most flexible way to obtain your qualification, but also the most economical. At just £1199, the online diploma offers a saving of £600 over the full-time option. It is also a good option if you are in no hurry to achieve your diploma or prefer to study at your own pace. For this reason, it may suit people caring for children or elderly relatives, or who have a varying work schedule and therefore cannot commit to a regular course of study.

Where and When?

The part-time course requires you to commit to one weekend per month for four months, in addition to 4 weeks of home study. It is available at all our centres. Alternatively, you may opt for the part-time weekday course if your weekends are busy, which is available at West London, Bournemouth, Birmingham and Manchester. This requires a minimum of 4 weeks home study, combined with 4 compulsory days and 3 optional workshops during the week. Students who prefer a full-time course can complete their diploma in 3 weeks. Attendance is from 9-4:30, Monday to Friday. The full-time course is available in West London, Bournemouth, Birmingham and Manchester.

Full Time

Which option you choose will depend on your personal circumstances and financial means. The full-time course is the most expensive at £1799 but means that you can obtain your diploma in the shortest time possible. It is therefore ideal for those who have ample funds or who wish to obtain their diploma without delay. Some students use accrued holiday time to take the full-time course and embark upon their new career after leaving their old one. This intense form of study will also suit those without the commitment of employment.

Part Time

The part-time course is the middle ground for students who have part-time employment or other commitments that they do not wish to put aside while they study to be a personal trainer. With either the option of weekday or weekend study, most students can find an option to suit their particular circumstances. Part-time study is also suited to those who find online study too impersonal or want the motivation of studying in the company. This option is priced at £1699.

The Outcome

Whichever study option you choose, the outcome is the same – you will receive a YMCA Awards Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training. Our courses are recognised by all UK awarding bodies. To begin studying with us, you will need to have passed a recognised Level 2 Gym Instructor course. Simply check with us if you are unsure whether your qualification is suitable. If you haven’t yet obtained this qualification, you can add it to the Personal Trainer course and study both together. In addition, we offer a range of payment options to enable you to take the course, whatever your financial status. You may of course pay the full amount up front, but if that would stretch your finances you can opt for a monthly instalment plan, spreading the cost over a maximum of 12 months. This is interest-free and requires a minimum deposit of 5%, making the course easily accessible for every student.

What Will You Learn?

Whichever study option you choose, the curriculum is exactly the same. The course consists of 7 modules, including Anatomy & Physiology, nutrition, and designing personal training programmes, and provides you with all the knowledge you need in order to embark upon your own personal training business or train clients in a gym. There is also the option to go on to study one of our advanced training diplomas and specialise in a particular area of personal training, such as sports massage.

Help Given

During your study you will have full access to a range of support options. Should you have any queries or need assistance, you can call, email or Skype the student support team. In addition, your studies are supported with an interactive learning package available online, with interactive tutorials, learning aids and videos to help you acquire all the necessary knowledge to pass your course.


Of course, the hard work isn’t over once you pass your diploma, and again we are there to help. Like 10,000 students before you, you can benefit from our industry links and contacts when it comes to seeking employment. Should you prefer striking out on your own and setting up a small personal training business, we can also advise you where to turn for help. And given the high success rate on our courses, we’re confident that you’ll soon be joining the thousands of other happy students who’ve passed the first time and gone on to thriving careers as personal trainers.

The Takeaway

Although it may seem daunting going back to study, perhaps after several years or even decades away from a classroom, our tutors’ friendly approach and informative classes ensure that you’ll soon be at ease. They will place their extensive knowledge at your disposal so that you’ll pick up a vast wealth of information that will prepare you perfectly for a career as a personal trainer. You’ll also benefit from meeting fellow students who are interested in the same career. So don’t hesitate – contact us for advice and information, and ask all the questions you want – we will offer you a warm welcome and hope you join us as another of our happy and successful students.

Get Your PT Course Funded by Government

As for now, if you are 19 or over, the Government may help you funding your personal trainer course. Check if you are eligible, it takes less than 10 seconds.