There is no doubt that the UK fitness market has become saturated in recent years. The number of health clubs opened in the last five years is the best demonstration of a slowdown.

With a boom on personal trainer services came thousands of new PTs on the UK market, all competing for the same money of fitness enthusiasts.

There is significant increase in personal trainers for whom the career in fitness wasn’t a first choice. They were fed up or bored with their current, often well-paid jobs and decided to make a career change following their passion.

Things seem to be a bit more difficult now than few years ago. While getting necessary fitness qualification became less expensive and relatively easier – making it as a PT is somehow more challenging.

So, is it worth to become a personal trainer in 2019? (Don’t forget to read a full guide on how to become a PT)

Is it still worth it?

In my opinion it is still worth it, even if it won’t be easy. Here is my reasoning…

  1. While the fitness market became saturated it is still growing, even though the rate of growth is much slower than before. It means new fitness professionals will be needed.
  2. People who train in their local gyms have become more active. They attend gyms more often and are more likely to utilise services health clubs has to offer. People are keen on attending additional classes like aerobic or boxercise, usually with a goal of a weight loss.
  3. The health awareness is higher than ever. A lot of people understand that investing in their fitness and health makes a lot of sense and pays off in many different areas of life.
  4. Despite the general perception, society is wealthier than ever before. That means it has money to spend on PT services. The government seem to be backing up more of health awareness building initiatives.
  5. Both younger and older generations are willing to spend money on PT services. Younger generation developed a little obsession with their looks. The so called ripped body became a desired body type, something many young people aim for. And they are happy to spend money to achieve that goal. Older generations are more health conscious and has money to spend (generation of baby boomers has their mortgages paid off and are free of serious financial commitments like childminding).

You must be aware that a lot of people who finish their PT courses lose their interest in chasing PT careers. A lot of people quit at the first hurdle. The number of people on your personal trainer course should not discourage you. Many  graduates, especially those who never worked before, will have problems with basic things such as time keeping or being professional at workplace. To put it brutally – they won’t make it.

Do your research, you will quickly realise that there is plenty of gym instructors and personal trainer vacancies available, both full time and part time. The demand is there – it is up to you to take your chances.

Standing out

To truly maximise your chances of succeeding as a personal trainer in 2018 (and beyond) you need to have an idea for yourself. You need to stand out. The market is saturated with PTs who offer the same services and share the same fitness philosophy.

Getting the basics of marketing and sales right is where you can start making the difference. A lot of PTs have absolutely no idea how to market their skills and personality. They don’t gain skills needed for commercial success of PT business.

Practise the art of getting a customer of the gym floor. Master your “people skills”. Don’t be afraid to offer something new. Focus on helping people, solve their problems (e.g obesity).

Staying relevant

With so many competitors already on the market you need to work hard to make it. To stay relevant, you need to make sure you follow fitness trends and upskill yourself accordingly. Each new fitness trend opens new opportunities for fitness professionals who know how to tap to them.

Never stop educating yourself. Keep yourself relevant. You can’t be a good trainer if your knowledge is outdated. And you can’t make it if you are not a good trainer.


It is still worth to become a PT. It is still possible to make a decent living as a personal trainer.