The article could be the most important tip you ever read when choosing a Personal Trainer course. It gives a very simple message about the main quality accolade that you should be looking for – CIMSPA.

CIMSPA approval

The first thing to check when looking for a Personal Trainer course is CIMSPA recognition. You should look to make sure that the personal trainer course provider that you choose is a CIMSPA approved provider.

A top tip here is do not go by what is on a provider’s website as some may claim to be CIMSPA approved when really, they are not (this can be very misleading). The only way to check if a provider is CIMSPA approved is to go onto the CIMSPA website and look at their partner directory. If a provider is listed on here this means that they are approved, and you can have the confidence that they have been properly quality assured. If they are not on there, then they are simply not a CIMSPA approved provider (despite what claims they may make!). You can access the CIMSPA partner directory by clicking here.

Who are CIMSPA?

CIMSPA are the Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport & Physical Activity. They are the main and only professional body that regulates the sport & fitness sector. They are committed to driving up quality standards throughout the sector and have a goal of a properly qualified and competent sector. To achieve this CIMSPA apply vigorous quality standards that providers must meet in order to become approved.

Why is CIMSPA approval Important

CIMSPA want a standardised approach to quality where the public feel confident when the see the CIMSPA quality trademark. CIMSPA encourage all gyms and leisure centres to only procure from CIMSPA approved providers, so it is more important than ever to ensure any training that you select is CIMSPA compliant (hence the absolute need to check the partner directory as explained above).

Further information

You can find further information about how to become a Personal Trainer on the UCAS website and also the Reed Website