Self-confident, ambitious and hard-working Marc Dressen, the man behind Marc Dressen Personal Training is a proof you can become a successful personal trainer with a right focus and mindset.

Here is marc in his own words:

How long does it take to become a successful personal trainer?

This is a hard question – it depends. Most people will tell you it takes 10000 hours of practice to become successful at anything. Now it’s true that it takes time to practise, but I’d like to add that it’s important to always keep learning and improving yourself along the way to get to the state of an elite personal trainer. Like with everything some of us are talented therefore need less time to become great at your craft. I’d say it takes anything between 5-8 years to become a seasoned personal trainer.

How long did it take you to be where you are now?

I started with sports when I was 7 years old and to keep it short made it my professional career as I was extremely good at it.

Regarding my Personal Training Business, it took me good 5 years to build it to where it is now in the UK. Beforehand I owned an action sports gym in Germany which took me around 7 years to build up too.

Why did you choose a career in fitness?

I love being active myself – when I say, love, I REALLY DO! Up until today, it’s what has helped me to stay healthy, energised and 100% focused on my personal goals. Therefore it’s more like a calling to help others achieve the same and live a healthy life.

Did you try different career path before?

Yes, I’ve worked in an online marketing agency when I first moved to London. This helped me a lot in creating my own personal training brand.

What are your fitness qualifications? Where did you get them?

I’ve got a Masters in Sports Science from the elite Sports University in Germany. My PT qualification was part of it, but I added a Level 4 Qualification in the UK too. Plus lots of little other courses, this would take to long. You may read more in my bio on my website.

Do you think they are important? If so, which qualification do you think are the most beneficial for your career?

I think qualifications are very important and necessary, but as it’s getting easier to acquire them they are losing their prestige. Especially in a hands-on customer-facing job – practice will be getting more important than qualifications as you move up the scale. Here comes the big BUT.. on the flip side if you don’t have a good base qualification you can also practise the wrong things and not get anywhere too. In addition, I myself up to this date do at least 2-3 courses a year to progress my skill set.

How do you gain new fitness knowledge? Do you try to keep up with current fitness trends?

I’m on trend in every way possible. I believe training wise there isn’t that much breakthrough happening the last years except maybe HIIT or Crossfit etc… but the way people find your business has changed a lot. Speaking of Google, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and more. If your a business owner and want more customers this is the #1 thing you need to focus on!

You can be THE best PT in the world if no one knows you … who cares?

Who was, or is, your fitness hero – the source of inspiration?

To be fair my background is more in professional sports, therefore every Olympic athlete is an inspiration in some ways! I believe it’s better to have many role models and take little things from all of them instead of admiring only one.

How long did it take before you were able to make a full living out of fitness?

When I decided to start my own PT business in the UK I only had one shot, meaning I made it in the first month of operating my business to become full time! If you have only one choice you’ll find a way believe me. I made £5000 in my first month of operating my PT business.

What would be your top tip for people starting in fitness?

Don’t start because you think you can earn a lot of money (even if this is true) it will only work if you are 100% passionate and dedicated. People signing up to your services will do so because they believe in YOU … not your sales page!

How do you promote yourself?

100% online. I’m actually creating a course which is called the “PT Business Mastery” (link will be on my website) and it’s a blueprint of my Personal Training business. Meaning I’ll teach you absolutely everything I do in my business form operations, marketing and business to generate more than $10.000 every single month! You’ll receive all my documents, contracts, tools and operating procedures for you to copy.

If you could start your fitness career again what would be the things you would make differently?

I’d start to focus even more on online marketing than before. Make sure to be on trend, meaning check where the market is going and be there first.

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