Personal Trainer Course Prices – Is It Worth Paying the Premium?

The price you must pay for a personal trainer course varies from one provider to another. Some charge premium while other lower their prices to surprisingly low level. As I’ve mentioned in my guide before – most of the providers offer the same qualifications. You need to find a different reason to justify higher price you pay. I hope my article will help you to understand what determines the price of the course and help you to avoid mistakes future PTs make.

What determines the price

There are several factors which determine the final price of the course. I’ve listed few below:

The reputation of the provider – some providers charge premium mainly because they’ve managed to build a solid brand over the years. Of course, many of them provide high-quality service but it is up to you to decide if you are willing to overpay few grands for a pleasure of dealing with a reputable provider.

Course formatcompare the price of personal trainer courses and you will quickly realise that online courses are usually much cheaper than their part-time and full-time counterparts. The reason for that is obvious – it costs less to run online course than it’s to run former two.

Full-time course, on the other hand, is relatively expensive to run. The provider needs to cover the cost of venue hire as well as pay tutor. The full-time course usually gives you the best learning experience.

Class size – if the provider decides to run course for a small group of students it usually charges more. Fewer students equal less income. Small class benefits students greatly but usually are more expensive.

Course type – most of the courses are being run in classrooms with a mix of gym activities. However, some providers like EIF or EPTI offer a different type of courses. EIF runs residential courses while students of European Personal Trainer Institute enjoy the beautiful scenery of Spanish coast. Naturally, these type of courses will cost you more but have certain advantages over traditional courses.

When the price is suspiciously low

While I’m not a fan of paying the premium I’m often suspicious seeing an offer too good to be true. As I’ve mentioned before – provider has some serious costs related to running the course. For that reason alone I don’t see how the course can cost less than a thousand pounds. I simply don’t believe you can charge such a low price and provide high quality at the same time. Look – I’m an insider – I’ve spent two years working for a leading provider and I know too well how much you need to spend to ensure minimum quality.

The first thing you should check when seeing the low price is the course accreditation. In my career, I’ve seen quite a few so called training centres which provided qualifications not recognised in the UK (or abroad). Your £275 qualification will not be taken seriously by any of your future employers.

Is it worth paying the premium?

You don’t need to pay the premium to attend the high-quality course. It is possible to find one for a reasonable price. Research is a key here. Knowing how to choose right personal trainer course is imperative.

Great training venue, the newest learning platform or nice PT uniform you get on enrolment won’t replace dedicated tutors and student support. In my experience, the companies with the highest satisfaction rate are the ones supporting a student from day one to the course completion date.

How about free personal trainer courses?

Let’s debunk a myth here – there I no such thing as a free personal trainer course. Most of the time “free” means you don’t have to pay for the course now but rather go for a government funding scheme. Government funding is just another form of the loan which you need to repay at some point. Get more information here.

Price range

The cheapest personal trainer course I found (but still accredited by the major awarding body) was an online course from Train Fitness. Its basic version was only £799 but offered very limited support and it may not be suitable for the majority of students.

The highest price, not counting residential courses which offer the completely different learning environment, was £3650 from Premier Global.

Visit my price comparison page to see up to date information about course prices.

Get Your PT Course Funded by Government

As for now, if you are 19 or over, the Government may help you funding your personal trainer course. Check if you are eligible, it takes less than 10 seconds.