The  19+ Advanced Learner Loans are a way of funding your Personal Trainer course if you don’t have the funds up front. Remember this is a loan – not a grant! And the loan will have interest added to it. Essentially the Government pay your course fees and you pay these back once you are earning the repayment threshold, which is currently £27,295+.  19+ loans are subject to availability and only available with some providers, often through local Colleges.  Learn all about government funded PT courses here.

19+ loan funding versus self funding for a Personal Trainer course

It is important to note however that most of the top Personal Trainer course providers in the UK do not accept 19+ loans. The reason for this is that Government loans require a rigid structure which is achieved by regular physical attendance, set time frames, weekly classroom hours etc. This is in complete contrast to a flexible online Personal Trainer course, where students study from home at their own pace and complete in their own time. As most of the top providers adopt such a flexible online approach, many simply do not offer 19+ loans and instead have a self-funding model. Further Education Colleges however, always offer 19+ loans. These are a good fit as College courses are attendance based, structured, and have set durations and weekly classroom time.

So if you want a 19+ loan – an attendance based College course would be a good fit. If you want a flexible online course – then you may wish to consider self funding. Due to the need for more physical attendance, a loan-funded attendance based course is usually somewhat dearer than a self-funded online course. Also self funded courses are often offered in interest free instalments, whereas a loan will incur interest. 

Delivery of 19+ loan courses 

Here is a partially complete list of the types of providers in the UK which may support 19+ loans.

  • Further Education Colleges
  • Adult Education Centres
  • Attendance-based educational institutes
  • Back to work schemes

If you think self-funding is a better fit, then you may wish to consider a Personal Trainer course provider such as:

  • Study Active
  • Future Fit

Finding out more about 19+ loans or self funded Personal Trainer courses

If a 19+ loan interests you could then reach out to an attendance based provider who may offer this (e.g. a local College).

Alternatively you may feel that a self-funded online Personal Trainer course would suit you better in which case you may wish to browse providers on this site. To request further information on self-funded courses please complete the below form. By providing your details we will also forward your details to one of our provider partners, Study Active, who will be in touch with FREE advice on getting started as a PT.

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