How to Increase Your Personal Trainer Income

By March 19, 2018 No Comments

There are two things you need to increase your personal trainer income. You either increase your client base or hike up your rates. Unfortunately, none of these steps is as straightforward as it seems.

First of all you need to know how you can increase customer base. Secondly, you need to learn how to increase your prices without upsetting your clients.

This guide teaches you both plus includes few more advanced, less obvious tactics.

Increase and Maximise Potential of Your Client base

Improve Your Sales & Marketing Skills

You may have all the required qualifications, certifications and experience – what’s next? The most important thing needed is to improve your marketing and sales skills. These two are top skills you need to increase your client base. PTs who fail are usually those who ignore both sales and marketing.

All things equal, it is a PT who has supreme marketing and sales skills who rips the biggest reward.

Get client from the gym floor

If you are already working in the gym environment, getting clients from the gym floor is a must. Master this single skill and you will be able to thrive in fitness.

Build Loyalty

It is important to build and retain your client base. This is a key to any business success. You need to discover ways to make most of your clients return and remain loyal to your PT business. Building loyalty guarantees good and steady income and helps you build business with referrals coming from satisfied customers. Increasing customer satisfaction will have a dramatic impact on your overall income .

A lot of PTs focuses on acquiring new customers neglecting current client base. This tactic reminds me of a leaking bucket. You pour fresh water into the bucket but at the same time allow water to escape. In the end there is no increase in your income.

Upselling to Existing Clients

Present your business as a team, while marketing to your clients. Offer things like water bottles, workout shirts and other accessories with your logo imprinted on them to your clients. This will give them a sense of belonging to a team, as they have materials that link your fitness business to them always.

Raise Your Personal Trainer Rates

Many personal trainers receive income that is way lower than the market average. Most have trapped themselves into believing that people are not ready to pay much for a work out.

As an PT, you could be among the lots that are afraid to charge more for your services. Somewhere lies that fear of losing your clients if you decide to hike your price. But, come to think of it, I am sure you’ve seen some of your competitors with higher hourly rates still doing well in the business.

Here are some points that should propel you towards increasing your hourly rate:

  1. When lots of people are in demand for your personal training service, it shows that your value has increased. You are no longer that ordinary fitness trainer of the past with little or no experience. Your price should proportionally increase with your value. Simply put – it’s time to increase your hourly rate, especially if you are well established professional.
  2. Prices of all commodities rise annually – this is inflation. It should be normal for you to also increase your hourly rate every year as a fitness instructor, at least to inflation rate level. For example, if your rate per hour was £25 last year, then you should raise it up a bit to about £27 per hour in the new year. Most of the customers are accustomed to price rises and will accept the change in pricing.
  3. Develop new service and price it above your typical hourly rate. Test the waters – see how much people are willing to pay for the type of service you offer.
  4. Look for other audiences. You shouldn’t be afraid to reach to wealthier clientele. There are personal trainers in the UK who charge £100/hour and more. Why getting rich clients often relies on the people you know once you get one wealthy client you should get access to many more (referral basis).

Upskill Yourself

If you want to remain relevant, you will have to constantly improve. Always reinvent yourself, presenting an upgraded version of yourself to your clients. Fitness is a dynamic industry with trends changing constantly. You need to adapt to changes and offer services there is a demand for.

Don’t be afraid to invest in new qualifications. Increased skillset will allow you to offer wider range of fitness services which directly leads to increase in your income. It creates new opportunities allowing you to spicy up your current services or creating something fresh.

There are few different ways of approaching additional training. You may keep upgrading your skills in certain area (for example nutrition) until the point you are renowned specialist in your niche. While it somehow labels you as a specialist in one particular area, you may charge higher hourly rate knowing there is not many professionals who could match your expertise.

Other tactic is to upskill yourself with qualification giving you a broad fitness skillset. This may include Boxercise, Les Mills and other popular qualifications. You may apply these new skills creating interesting one to one sessions, boot-camps or other group exercise lessons.

Diversify Your Revenue Streams (get more customers)

Don’t rely on one revenue stream. Revenue streams like one to one sessions often have some kind of cap, there is a limit on how much you can earn that way.

Luckily, PT qualification let you run tons of different services. You can run anything from group exercises to boot camps – you name it. Your basic PT qualification combined with extra qualifications which are easy to gain are a great way to maximise your PT earning potential.