With a good number of course providers on the market the prices of personal trainer courses are pretty much at its lowest point. Providers do a lot to attract potential customer and let’s be honest – nothing attracts clients as well as a good deal on the product.

Still, for majority of us these prices seem to be too high. We all love to hunt for a bargain. We do this with our flight and gig tickets – nothing stops us from trying to get the best deal on a PT course.

Here are few insider tips on getting the cheapest personal trainer course possible.

Do extensive research – price comparison

The first tip is rather obvious. The problem is, compering the course prices is time consuming. Prices change quite frequently. A lot of providers do not display them for their websites, making it a bit harder to get the pricing right.

Wait for special offers

A lot of providers offer special offers and discounts. That makes compering course prices even more challenging. You may want to ask the course provider of your choice if they are currently run any special offers as it is often easy to overlook it when browsing their website.

Providers usually run promotions at the time they can’t enrol enough student on courses. It doesn’t necessary mean those courses are bad – very often things depend on locations and time of the year.

A lot of providers offer discounted places on particular course locations. For instance, on course run in Birmingham only. If you happen to like the location and date of the course you may get yourself a bargain.

Time of the year also plays a role. Two popular month for booking into the course are January and February. It is most likely that you won’t see many good offers at that time. If you care to wait you may wait a bit until April – a month which is traditionally a bit quitter and many providers need to run special promotions to fill up their classes.

Pay upfront if you can afford it

There are two cases when it is worth to pay your course fees upfront. First is when the loan rates offered by a provider are higher than 0%. In this case your course will be much cheaper if you decide to pay a full amount upfront as high interest rate can inflate the price.

Other scenario where paying upfront makes sense if when the provider offers discount for it. You will find that some providers are ready to waive as much as 10% of course value. That’s a bargain.

Choose lower price format

The is no doubt that course format determines the price of the course. If you are looking for the cheapest course format check if the provider runs online or so called blended course. These are usually far cheaper than their full-time and part-time counterparts.

There is a good reason for that – you won’t get much (or any) face to face time with tutor and pretty much will be forced to do all the work independently .It may be challenging at times but if you want the lowest price you may want to check out this format. Be aware that very often they DO NOT come at discounted price as they are the best sellers already.

Discuss the price

Don’t be afraid to discuss a price of your course. Good negotiating skills may save you up to 10% on your course, especially if you see a similar course cheaper. Again, you may wait for a right moment. For example calling provider a week before the course they already discounted because of the lack of students may results in great deal.

The most powerful tactic would be to try to combine as many of my tips as possible. With such a competitive market you can really score some low price.