UK gym pay surprisingly high salaries

Before I even start compering salaries I need to clarify how I have gathered the data. All salary figures are approximations based upon major third party sources, including: Glassdoor, Indeed and PayScale.

My research doesn’t differentiate between self-employment and permanent contracts, which as you may be aware may affect the personal trainer salary. To make it clear at this point, location also may be significant factor.

Other factor to consider is the difference on yearly and hourly figures. Yearly salaries do not include the number of hours worked.

Because it is so difficult to compare figures when so many factors come into play, salaries we present in this article are just estimates and need to be treated as such.

Pure Gym

The average salary for Personal Trainer working in Pure Gym facilities is £10.17, according to Indeed. This makes this salary 46% below the national average. However, according to Glass Door the hourly rate is around £20/hour. The differences may be a result of different data sources. Indeed’s data seem to be more robust with over 160 data sources taken into consideration.

Virgin Active

Virgin Active average is about £1 above the average PT salary offered at Pure Gym. According to Glass Door, the average yearly salary for employed PTs is £20k or £11/hour. This is slightly below the national average of £13.94 (as for 2017).

Indeed suggests completely different figure – £33k/year based on average from 89 salaries.

Nuffield Health

The average yearly salary for Nuffield health is around £22k, according to Indeed. The data is based on 47 data points collected from variety of sources like ex-employees, job adverts etc.

However, quick search on Leisure Jobs and the Nuffield Health job portal reveals Personal Trainer salaries ranging from £19 – £34k/year. This is for permanent employment. 

Different source, PayScale UK, report the average salary of just £23k/year. The differences come from a type of employment as well

Fitness First

According to Indeed, the average Personal Trainer salary at Fitness First is £25/hour. These would set Fitness First among the best paying health clubs in the UK. 

However, if we are to believe the data gathered by PayScale, the average hourly rate is around £17. It is important to note that PayScale based their average on just 4 data points – perhaps not enough to get the full picture.

Anytime Fitness

65 salaries reported on Indeed suggest the average Anytime Fitness employed PT at £30k/year level. This puts Anytime Fitness among the best paying gym chains.

6 Indeed sources collected for the Fitness Instructor role suggest the hourly rate of £28. 

Unfortunately, Indeed seem to be the only reliable source of salary information for Anytime Fitness.

Total Fitness

According to Indeed, self-report hourly rate for Total Fitness is £20. This is based on 6 salaries reported. Indeed is the only reliable source of information for Total Fitness salaries in the UK.

UK average salary for gym-based personal trainer

I’ve calculated hourly and yearly salaries based on all the numbers I could access. I’ve aggregated the data and created a comparison table with average rates and salaries.

Health Club Avg Hourly Rate Avg Yearly Salary
Fitness First £21  
Anytime Fitness £28 £30k
Nuffield Health n/a £24.5k
Virgin Active £11 £26.5k
Pure Gym £15  
Everyone Active    
Total Fitness £20  


Please treat these the calculations in this article as a guide – not definitive numbers. If you are a personal trainer employed by any of the gyms listed please help me to verify these numbers. I’m more than happy to be proved wrong.