10 Questions to Ask Your PT Course Provider

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So you finally decided personal trainer career is for you. Well done. You did your research and most likely shortlisted course providers you will most likely get your qualifications from.

Now it’s time to contact your chosen provider.

First of all – don’t be afraid to leave your contact details. While course advisors working for course providers are often sales people, the conversation with them will be extremely beneficial. You will be able to get all required information. Most importantly – you initial conversation doesn’t mean you have to book the course.

Without getting all required details you are doomed to choose the course which doesn’t meet all your requirements.

You conversation, or consultation with course adviser is a great opportunity to ask some questions. Below we’ve listed few questions you want to ask.

What is the total cost of the course?

While most of the providers are transparent with their pricing you want to avoid any surprises. Ask for the final quote on your chosen course and have it sent it to you via email.

It is especially crucial to ask about potential exam re-sit costs. Some providers offer free exam re-sits, other charge as much as £100. While it is unlikely you will have to redo your exams – you want to know that cost upfront.

What support will I get?

With some packages available it is important to ask how much support you will receive from the course provider. Your personal trainer course requires some paper work which may be confusing at times. Additionally, you may have plenty of course material related questions etc.

Now, most of the providers offer some sort of support. Differences are significant. They depend on course format, provider or course package of your choice.

Sometimes you may get an excellent price on your course but very little support in return. It is important you know what you are signing up for and that the support offered to you will be sufficient.

Is my course accredited?

Get the name of course accreditation. Not all accreditations are created equal. It may be especially important if you plan to work outside of the UK at some point.

Our guide to choosing the right personal trainer course lists all major accreditations.

Do you have any flexible course options available?

Sometimes course providers may offer deals outside of their normal offer. In some cases you may need some flexibility. Because of the strong competition on the market many providers will be happy to give you a quote on the customised course. All you have to do is to ask…

Good example of customised course are when you are mixing formats .You may, for example, do your Level 2 qualification in a full-time format but complete your Level 3 part-time.

Do you run any special offers at the moment?

Don’t forget to ask about any special offers. Not all providers update their website frequently and it is easy to miss a deal which may save you some money.

What are the payment options?

Similarly, course providers may offer some flexibility with payment options. A lot of training centres offer finance. Most of the time, they require a minimum of 12 months repayment. If you are confident you can pay it back before 12 months you may get yourself a better overall deal.

What are the cancellation terms?

While this is usually stated in terms and conditions document you have to agree when signing up for the course it is useful to learn your course cancellation period before you sign up for the course.

Obviously, you want to go through terms and conditions before you sign up. It may take 30 minutes of your time but it’s worth it and may safe you lots of frustration on the way.

Could you show me my learning materials?

Your learning materials will be crucial for your course completion success. You want to make sure they suit your learning style.

Usually training centres offer access to some kind of online system where you can find PDF versions of books, videos and interactive quizzes and lessons.

Not every provider will give you a trial access but some will. It is worth asking. It will allow you to judge the quality of the learning materials, ease of use and overall feel.

What is the pass rate on your courses?

Let’s be honest here – it will be difficult to get that number but it’s worth trying. You want to find out what the FIRST TAKE pass rate is. Technically, you can take as many exam attempts you want but it will cost you money.

Will you give me any discount?

You may think it’s a bit cheeky to ask for a discount, but a lot of students ask for discount and get one. It is worth a shot.

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